Sprinkler Controller Scheduling

I had two schedules set to run early in the mornings. Each was running 48 minutes and running M-W-F
#1 beginning at 4:00 AM, then allowing a soaking period and having
#2 beginning at 5:30 AM.

After I updated the sprinkler to firmware 1.0.11 my two existing schedules came out of sync, one wanted to run on one day and the second on the next day.

I then deleted those schedules and created two new ones using the same parameters.

#1 Start at 4:00 AM - End by 4:50 AM
#2 Start at 5:30 AM - End by 6:20 AM

I saved everything when prompted to. Now when I go back to look at the start times they read
#1 Start at 4:48 AM - End by 4:48 AM
#2 Start at 6:20 AM - End by 6:20 AM

  1. So is my thinking incorrect?
  2. What have I set wrong?
  3. If wrong what times should I be using?
  4. What should the start date be?
  5. What should the end date be?