Sprinkler Controller Programming

My initial sprinkler setup did not work. After a sucsessful bluetooth pairing and setting up the new sprinkler device I was asked if zone 1 (or any other zone started) . None started so I tried to answer using the “no” bullet This didn’t seem to be a recognized answer. Eventually I backed out of the setup from this screen.

I tested each zone by manual startups and all zones are working. I can not seem to get back to the zone setup/programming process. Setup defaults to the installation routine which asks me to setup a new device. I tried reset to get new bluetooth pairing but that he didn’t work (i.e. the sprinkler zone numbers didn’t flash blue). I cant seem to delete the device as my delete request directs me to " settings", but offers no delete device option and just returns me to the installation routine for my already installed sprinkler device.

Any ideas?

Sorry to hear you’re having issues! Please try to press and hold the reset button to get the device into pairing mode again. Let us know if this helps!

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Mike, I am having this same issue. I have made it past the Mounting section. When I go to setup Zones and the app asked me if water is coming from Zone 1, neither the No or Yes prompt works. When I exit out of Zones, I get to the app interface and it starts the Sprinkler Setup process all over again. I’ve reset the controller 5+ times and went through the Mounting process then each time the Zone screen will not accept No or Yes. I’ve tested the Zones manually with the controller and they work as assigned. Please help.

Mike, did you get this resolved? I was able to reset the controller to fix. You must, however, hold the reset button for at least 5 or 10 seconds.

My new problem is how to create more complex sprinker schedules. Can’t seem to find any detailed programming instructions for the Wize sprinkler.