Sprinkler Controller - How to use buttons

Is there a manual or article describing how to use the buttons on the controller? Specifically my landscaper needs to control the sprinklers to test/tune them. I am sure he will figure it out but if there was a 1 page manual or something I could keep with the controller that would be really helpful.

Did you get a QuickStart Guide with the controller?

Here is the documentation. Something in here should have what you need:


I probably received a quick start guide, but don’t have it now. Is there an electronic version available? The link you sent takes me to a page with 43 documents. Is one of those the quick start guide? Is there any way to limit search to only the sprinkler documentation?

If not, can you just link me to which of the 43 documents explains how to use the buttons on the controller itself?

Ray, simply tap the left and right arrows to pick a zone that you would like to run, then hit the water droplet button and that particular zone will come on. When you want it off hit the other water drop button with the line through it, and that zone will stop

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