Spring is Here ? Time to Wyze up ! Using a Pan V3 & OG cams together

It’s spring & time to mount some camera’s outside.

I have a paved mini driveway, that runs the width of my house (from st. Westside To backyard Eastside) . It’s very narrow and the only way to get to the backyard from the outside ( no lights ).

I want to use (in combination) the Pan V3 & the OG cams (1 ea).

The question is, which one should be on the street side entrance and which one, should be at the exit / entrance (into the backyard) ?

The only lighting will come from the motion activated OG. Flood light.

I have V3 coverage, of the normal sized driveway, right up to the street side passage way entrance.

So, I only need this passage way covered.

My guess is OG cam on the street entrance side (pointing Eastward) and Pan V3 on the backyard exit. (Sweeping East to west)

I’ll have the pan Cam do a 180°vertical sweep (9 to 3 o’clock).

Hopefully, the flood light on the OG won’t blind the Pan V3, at night. If anything enters or tries to exit using the mini driveway.

So, before I start climbing up ladders (9-11ft).

I thought, I’d ask a few “Wyze Guyze’s”. What do they think ?

Thx !

Can you post a Google Earth view? Trying to help with out really knowing the layout is just guessing.

That really depends on the depth of field each cam is expected to cover.

Since you are planning use of an OG Telephoto, that is the most restrictive cam as it pertains to field width and distance. It is a purpose built cam that will not be forgiving if placed in the incorrect spot. This depends on how far from the street each mounting point is. If the front is shallow and just off the street, the telephoto won’t do much for you being too close. If you are far from the street, you may want it up front.

In my situation, I chose the OG Cam Stack at the far back depth of my driveway approach so that the Telephoto could zoom in all the way down the drive on the initial approach while the OG Standard would record everything. It gives the cam the longest possible view of someone approaching. I placed the PanV3 in the front about ⅓ down the driveway approach so it records them both coming and going as they walked past the cam. I also have a PanV3 in the back, two V3 with higher static angles patrolling the driveway from above, a VDBv1 at the front door entrance off the drive, and a V3Pro at the back door entrance off the drive.

Nice setup.

I just have the OG cam n not it’s companion tele photo. Along with a Pan V3.

I only need to cover 20-25 yrds or less.

Another V3 (different location) covers the active driveway. (The street traffic with those wide n high beam lights, cause enough problems)

Thx for the tip.

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