Deciding Where to Relocate One Wyze Cam & Where To Place Pan

I live in an unusually nice mobile home park. All the homes look more like site-built houses than mobile homes and we all have carports or garages with Garage Doors. My place has the front door to the house behind a gate. Between the gate and front door, there is a window. The 20’ behind the gate is covered so so that part of the house doesn’t get wet from the rain. So I mounted my first Wyze cam on the window frame facing out toward my walkway gate and the street. The window frame is about 4’Wx9’H above the ground so the Cam is about 9’ above the ground. I did this so I can see people before they get to my gate on the Can - mostly so I can stop delivery drivers from dropping packages and mail over my gate and see if they come in the gate and leave packages by my front door like they are supposed to.

The second Wyze I have placed above my garage so I can keep see people approaching my garage or blocking my driveway. We don’t have side walks. I’m going to be buying more cameras but for now, I have a Pan to mount and another Pan on the way. The Pan I already have I’m considering mounting in the middle of my garage so it can cover the whole thing and also my shed that is directly behind my carport. Do you all think that would be a good use of a Pan? Please forgive me if there are typos or shortened names I have permanent nerve damage in my right and arm and typing is extremely painful. I also have a Wyze Sense kit so I’m planning on installing a sensor on my garage door and I my shed door to monitor both. Is a Pan able to monitor about 25" in both directions? Do you think this would be an effective use of the Pan?