Spreadsheet to 3D Printed Ready to Mount DogLeg Bracket

Hello People.
Earlier I submitted a spreadsheet to create a 3D printed pattern that can itself be folded to a functioning DogLeg bracket. Or the pattern can be copied to another material, such as sheet metal. that would be cut to shape and folded to functionality.
The linked spreadsheet with as little as four inputs will generate a document that can be saved to a text file with a name of your choosing and a .stl extension. This saved file can be imported into a 3D printer. Out will come a ready-to-use DogLeg bracket.

DogLeg 3D Standup to STL 071921. xlsx

The DogLeg bracket shown in the pictures above was created by the spreadsheet linked to above with its particular aiming requirements and bracket inputs. It was printed by my local library for free. As said earlier, a few inputs are entered and a document is generated which is then copied and sent to a 3D printer.
Notice that the base has been removed to reduce weight and gain access to the screw reciever. The base was replaced with a 6mm shim plate and a Nylon screw. The link to its STL file is given below.

V3 Base 6mm Shim.stl

This spreadsheet is not a black box. All the math, trig, and vector operations are there to be seen if you want. Nothing top secret, just high school stuff. Also how the STL template was assembled is displayed. All of this additional information can be ignored because all you need to do is put in a few values and print out a DogLeg bracket.
If you find errors or see room for improvement please let me know.

Victor Maletic.

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