Simple Dog-Leg Layout w Spreadsheet to 3D print STL file

Hello, People.
This post describes how to use the (provided) spreadsheet to generate the coordinates for a simple folded Dog-Leg camera support bracket. This spreadsheet also generates an ASCII STL file for 3D printing a Dog-Leg shape that can be folded to final form and used as a layout pattern and applied to materials that will be cut and folded to shape.

Below is a screen clip of most of the Simple Folded sheet.

In the clip above, the light blue cells are for user input. No other input is needed.
Output is a graph of the Dog-Leg shape and of the Fold Shape.
Also, output are the coordinates (green cells) used for these graphs. They can be copied to a capable graphics application and plotted to full scale. This sheet is a Transparent Box - meaning the mathematics between input and output can be seen. All arcane label cells are given comments. Below is a closer view of part of the above.

The next screen clip is part of the Simple STL File sheet. This is where you can copy the green column and save it to an ASCII file with a name of your choosing that ends with an .stl extension. It is ready to be sent to a 3D printer application.

There are two other sheets not shown:
Introduction and Aim angles that provide information and support.
This is the link to the spreadsheet. Dog Leg Simple w Vlookup 061821.xlxs

Later I will provide a spreadsheet to make a Dog-Leg bracket with side panels.

For those who avoid math, check out the manual approach I posted last March.
Make a Simple Dog-Leg Camera Bracket No math no trig no vectors no protractors no calculations

Till later. Victor Maletic