Spots on IR only in 2 cameras and IR not working on another

I have 6 cameras and out of the 6. Three of them on Night vision come out with spots, also turning off NIght vision with just the IR mode does the same. The 3rd camera the IR does not want to turn on and it gives me a dark

Spoke with customer service and feel that I still did not get a satisfying answer.

any suggestions?

My pan cam has had the ir bokeh spots since the start as well… Curious of the fix. 2CAA8E2D2C5F_1595392638609

Ok so with further persistence I decided to clean the lense again. I’d used a glasses cleaning cloth before. I started by trying that again but while watching the video. After significant persistence they were definitely less but still there. I gave in and used some glass safe cleaner and… Well dang! First time I’ve had a full clear night shot. I recall there was no lense protector on this one when I received it. All good, just wanted to spread the word. It did not clean easy even with the moist cloth, persistence may pay off.