Spotlight kit on Cam V2

I have 2 questions, how well does this work? And will it work with my existing V2 Cameras?

I don’t use one ATM, so I’ll leave how well it works up to someone who does, but it is a V3-only accessory.

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Not sure what you’re wanting to know by how well it works… the light works good… it’s not super bright by any means. It’s bright enough to give the V3 camera a nice view. It’s no way near as bright as say your standard motion lights, but I’ve got one up on my workshop by the front door, and it’s just bright enough to see to get the door unlocked and opened.

No, it doesn’t work the V2… it works with the V3.

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thank you

We currently have over 17 V3 with spotlight kit and works just fine,it will not work on V2 due 2 the controls for the spotlight is only listed on the V3