Spotlight for Cam v3 won’t turn off

Dumb design for them to leave it on. Not to mention static you hear in live View and other audio live View issues…

I have 4 of them and I have them set to motion only and they work just fine,and I have no buss noises at all but I’m not using there power plug I’m useing a 18 watt 3 port display

Thanks. Did you mean 18 watt 3 amp charger plug? Or same with 3 ports?

Do you have an extra USB extension cable being used ? I do

Perhaps I should try a higher watt, amp plug.


I just pulled 1 and its 12 watts with 3 USB ports display we bought them on eBay if I remember correctly they were sold as a 2 pack for around $8.00 and we bought longer power cables and the flat ones seams to be better we have 20,22,30,35,40 feet bought them as a 2 pack also cheap…comes with tie raps we bought black,then we bought gosund 4 pack wifi plugs that we use at all sites that way we can power cycle the you know our secrets

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Yes, I have the same problem.
I’ve tried changing the delay but with no effect.