Spotlight AI activation from main interface

It would be great if I can only turn on the spotlight for person detection. I have a camera on the front of our garage that also sees the street. I don’t want the spotlight to turn on for vehicle motion detection in the street for every vehicle passing by at night.

Mod Note: Title changed to refine request. The requested functionality can be achieved using rules. This topic is interpreted to be requesting the ability to trigger the spotlight from the camera’s Spotlight Settings without the use of Rules.

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In the meantime, this works…



Yea, should have mentioned that, great catch and addition.



This feature would be useful for two reasons:

  1. Make it more obvious that you can control the spotlight via AI events without knowing that (currently) Rules are needed to do so, and
  2. Ability to set the spotlight-on time to less than one minute (Spotlight Settings allows for 15 and 30sec times whereas the minimum time for a rule is 1 minute.)

Will this rule suggestion prevent the spotlight from turning on for vehicles, pets and other motions?

The “trigger” of the rule above is when the OGS detects a person. So as long as there is “person” tagged in the event as a recognized object the rule should run.