Spectrum Community Wifi

Spectrum Community Wifi sounds like a great idea until want to connect Wyze equipment. I have Wyze Wi-Fi switches, cameras, robot vacuum, thermostat, and doorbell none of which work with this community wifi at our new home.
It would be great for Wyze to have a solution to connect these devices once the Mac codes have been added to the permitted devices.
I worked with the Spectrum help desk who indicated they could see the device pinging the network but could not connect. Wyze helpdesk was not much help in resolving the issue. They were confused with the public Wi-Fi and the Spectrum Community Wi-Fi. Apparently they haven’t been educated on a solution. I suspect this will be a great problem in the future for Wyze.
Any thoughts on how to set up a 2.4 mhz network to allow these devices to work would be greatly appreciated.
I am a big fan of Wyze products and had hoped they would have a solution to this problem.

Welcome to the forums! Do you have a portal page for a login instead of a wifi ssid and password? Or no password and open wifi? If you have a portal page like in alot of hotels, this is an option:


We have spectrum and we currently have over 56 wifi items on our network with no issues, sounds like you need to have the GEEK-SQUID from BestBuy come to your house and help you set up all your devices