Connecting a WYZE came through a managed network

Someone, please help. I just purchased the WYZE Cam V2 for my apartment, and I’ve been having trouble connecting it to the network. It would just say “connection failed” and have this blinking blue light. To basically describe my network, I have a network managed by my apartment complex, and they’ve partnered with Spectrum. I did the right thing when I first had a problem and connected with WYZE support, and they sent me this article to help(, but it didn’t really help because I didn’t see the type of router I have. When I contacted spectrum to see what type of router in my apartment, they said it was a ruckus access point router with a 2.4GHz. So I go through them to see if they could help me, but they couldn’t do much either. They just told me to make my phone connected to the network without a private address and manually added the WYZE Cam MAC address, but none of that changed a thing. So then I went back to the WYZE support, and they made me download this app called “RouteThis” to check the router’s diagnosis by having yet to get a response for that. So I’m just wondering anyone can help solve this problem so I can use the product.

Or at least suggest a mini router I can use.

Welcome to the forums! When you log into your wifi with a phone or tablet, how do you do it? Is there any web portal or sign on you have to do?


Here is some previous convo on the topic, looking for more. I have no experience with travel routers personally.

okay thank you

You need a router (access point) with WISP capability.
WISP = Wireless Internet Service Provider.
The Access Point connects to your existing Wifi Router then provides a new Wifi network for your cameras, and any other devices, in your home.
It doesn’t have to be a travel router. This one will work.

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First, I bet they don’t need one - the vendor said the Wyze MAC can be registered and that SHOULD work.

Second, the model seems popular.

Third, Spectrum “Ruckus” APs are often just that, Access Points, not routers. That would mean any authentication is actually being made against the Spectrum router somewhere, NOT against the closer Ruckus unit.

Fourth, it would help to see a screenshot of the portal login prompt.

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