Special characters in the SSID

So I ran into an interesting issue, that I spent a considerable amount of time on, I thought I would post it to maybe help someone else. My network SSID (Joe’s Coral Reef) had a coma in the name, this prevented the wyze cam from being able to connect during setup. It took me so long to figure this out, I kept think maybe my access point was still in 5ghz. Then I thought maybe the edgemax router had some type of security setting, preventing the camera to connect. The edgemax is a great router, but wow, it has so many settings it can be whelming. Finally, I started from scratch, removed edgemax from network, factory reset access point, then with default SSID, bam the camera setup completed. I added a comma in the name and I couldn’t set it up.

I just got the camera, and I have the same problem. My WiFi name has ’ in it. I don’t want to change over 20 devices on the network!!! Please update!

This has been an issue for quite some time and it makes me wonder if the cloud database that Wyze uses is vulnerable to an SQL injection attack.