Underscore not supported in SSID

Some of my outdoor cameras do not get good wifi coverage, So I have added a wifi extender. However, many of the simple wifi extenders seem to create an SSID automatically by putting an _ext at the end of your existing SSID. This does not seem to be supported by some Wyze cameras making them incompatible with many comon extenders. This seems contrary to the SSID standards.

Yep! This is well documented in the Wyze support pages of different products.

  1. Make sure your network name doesn’t include special characters. * Example: " \ { } $ * ) #

Yes, I know that this defect is documented. I was not sure that you were aware that there is no work around if you are using wifi extenders that add an underscore to the SSID by default.

I do not use extenders personally, but can’t you change the ssid name of the extender? Hopefully the smaller field of folks that use extenders consult the support website if they have any issues to see that special characters don’t mesh with Wyze stuff.

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What type of extender do you have?
Almost all major brands allow you to change the SSID that the extender produces.

Why wouldn’t you have the ssid be the same as your normal network, to enable roaming? It doesn’t make sense to have to manually choose the strongest wireless network if they are all on the same lan.

I i would be happy to try different SSID settings if this was a regular router and not a wifi extender. Many of these extenders set the SSID themselves and don’t allow you to change it. They automatically add the _ext to the main SSID and that is supposed to work fine as long as all of your devices follow the wifi spec properly. However, in this case, wyze cameras do not.

What kind and model wifi extender are you using?

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I must have lucked out with the Netgear WiFi extender I purchased for a friend years ago, as it allowed changing the SSID. You say “many” work this way. How many have you had personal experience with?

It has been my experience that going beyond simple letters and numbers for SSIDs is eventually going to trip one up with a device. If not from Wyze, then a low cost device from another company.

You should be able to change the ssid on these devices. What model do you have?