Sound when moving

I have five Pan Cams and the only sound any of them makes is a muted whir of motor noise when moving. Motion tracking is a little louder because the motor is going thru a more rapid stop-start rhythm. There is no sound adjustment for sound made by the cam that I know of, other than actually speaking thru it.
I would suggest Opening a Support Ticket. You might just have a bad cam.


:confused: Im sorry but that doesnt make any sense, just because the motor is stopping and starting doesnt mean the sound would be any louder, the motor is only making sound when it moves which should be the same regardless of how often it has to start and stop, if you walk around the camera the sound is the same regardless if it was small movements (stoping and starting heaps).

Based off all the comments it seems that the sound is normal and we as consumers should just put up with it. I on the other hand think wyze as a company should fix the issue. I actually wont be purchasing any more of these cameras as a result of this. There is a lot of things that I dont actually like (I live in Australia so I cant use it with alexa due to some excuse around localisation with servers and latency. wyze uses AWS for there network so I dont really agree with that, they can deploy there systems around the world very easily). There is a lack of an API for the system, when asked the reply from the Devs on this was “why would you need that it works with IFTTT”. They are clearly missing a massive market and dont realise this (if there was an API then I would be able to build out my own Alexa skill). If I want to get access to mqtt then I have to manually install a different firmware onto the device, from what I can tell this firmware is identical to the one I have the only difference is it adds support for mqtt. Why isnt mqtt just part of the normal firmware. Why make the user have to manually install firmware for this support. The only thing this device has going for it was the price point (but again i am in Australia so it actually wasnt that cheap for me). At the end of the day I brought the device to see how it worked, all the above issues I was willing to work around and find a solution. But the sound from the “motor” is actually a product killer for me. My wife doesnt like it and asked me to unplug it. Happy wife, happy life :smiley:

He said he wasn’t aware of any other sounds and suggested to submit a support ticket and you might have gotten a bad cam.

It sounds to me like you’re looking for any excuse to return it. You mention all things you don’t like about the cam or it’s lacking. Did you research it al all before purchasing it. Because you’d know those features aren’t listed.

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Yeah I mentioned a few things that I think the company could fix in order to get a good product. {removed} I was fully aware of its limitations when buying the product. But like I said it didnt bother me as I was going to build out custom solutions anyway (Im actually a software developer, working out how to communicate to the wyze servers and get the data isnt an issue, it becomes a fun little side project). What I dont like is the way wyze {removed} to its customers. I was pointing that out. As consumers if we dont hold them accountable for sub pair products then they think its ok to create {removed}, and will continue to do so. While we are on the topic of research, you know what I didnt actually find when researching? If the camera makes a really loud sound when its moves. Thats what it does. From the video that someone else posted in this, and what other people have said (here and on other forums) the sound is normal. It might be normal but its not good enough, or acceptable.

As for trying to find an excuses to return the product, I never once said I wanted to return it. Everyone else is saying to return it. I said I wont use it. Theres a difference. I brought the camera to test it, it failed the test as it makes a very annoying sound when moving around. That doesnt mean I want to return it, it just means I wont use it or buy more products.

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Fair enough.

My mistake in using the word “louder “ regarding the motor noise while tracking. The more accurate way to say it would have been to say more noticeable because it it occurs more frequently and suddenly.
However, given my experiences with my own cams I will stick by my recommendation that you look into customer support and return the cam.
I’m sorry that this hasn’t turned out to be the positive experience you, as all of us when are we buy these, were hoping for!

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Lets just get this out of the way, its not a defect, im not returning the device. All I wanted to know was if I could turn the sound off.

If you have one of these devices do the following test (I just did, the results are interesting). Turn motion tracking off, panning off, anything that will make the camera move around on its own. Open the app and manually pan the camera, do a long pan, and then do heaps of really fast pans (to mimic how the camera moves when its tracking motion). Now with both of these tests the motor does emit a sound, it is very quiet (you can tell this is coming from the motor, it sounds very mechanical).

Now turn on motion tracking, and move around the camera so its has to pan to follow you. This time you will get a louder sound that sounds like its coming from a speaker. It doesnt sound mechanical at all (in fact if you listen really carefully you can hear the motor from the above test as well)

The only thing I can think of as to why it does this, is that there trying to hide the sound of the motor with an artificial sound instead. This isnt a defect, in order for this to happen this has been programmed to emit this sound when tracking.

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I will try that. It will be later this evening but I’ll try it and post back.


Little bit more research on this and I found this forum post

Seems to be a very similiar issue. I noticed someone mentioned tinyCam can make this happen (which I did install and setup). Just removed the camera from tinyCam but still the same sound is emitted.

:smiley: I really want to like this product and get to the bottom of this sound.

strong textOkay - had time sooner than I expected. Here’s what I did:
Have a Pan in my foyer. Did as you laid out and turned off Tracking, Scan and Zone. Strictly manual movement now.
Closed the doors, asked my wife in the next room to mute the TV, moved the dogs out and closed the doors. As close to a” quiet Room “ as I could manage.
Stood about 8’ away and used the app to scan the cam back and forth with both a stop & start and a smooth long rotation- every way I could think of. Noted the noise- it was loud enough to hear but not what I would consider’ loud’. It was loud enough that, in a quiet room, if I were trying to intrude I would definitely hear it and probably look for the cause. That’s always been something I have been aware of. But again, Wyze is clear about not representing these as “Security” devices.
Next step was to turn back on Tracking. Then both walked back and forth and then stood and used hand movements to cause it to rotate.
Here’s my conclusion: you definitely have a point. There is, in my opinion, a slightly different noise to the rotation. It is louder but I think more because of the change in pitch than actual volume. It does not sound to me like anything coming from the speaker, or any noise made artificially thru one.
Where to go from here I don’t know. I will once again tag the other @Mavens and hope someone has an idea.
I did listen to the Google post and the sound I heard from that is what I have been used to since my first pan. As I am writing this one suggestion does come to mind. I have a pan in a protective “Outdoor” cover, basically just a silicone glove that covers he cam and it does mute the sound from the cam considerably. Might be something to consider.

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thanks, at least I know im not going insane and there is a difference in sound. I think the difference is Im not use to the sound it makes (just got the device so it is very noticeable). If you have lived with it for ages you probably wouldnt notice it.

I might try adding a cover over the device and see if that helps, I was wondering if I could add some kind of casing in order to help muffle the sounds.

:slight_smile: it would be good if someone from wyze could jump in on this discussion and help shed some light as to why the sound is different when its tracking motion compared to just normal panning.

I have two Pan cams. One is outside, the other is in my garage.
I hadn’t really noticed the sound before but since I’ve listened to the video you posted I do notice the sound now. Thanks for that. :smiley:
I would like to know where that guy got the idea that tinyCam had anything to do with it. I do use tinyCam.

Wyse never answer technical questions here and I doubt you would get much satisfaction from Wyze support. They really aren’t tech support, more like customer service.

Thats interesting, I think I can explain why they dont appear to be tech support. From what I can work out there just reselling products from Xiaomi (with there branding instead).

Xiaomi Dafang

Wyzecam Pan

Not sure about anyone else, but they look identical.

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They are rebranded cameras with Wyze developed firmware. Wyze has never tried to hide that.

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Interesting, do you have a link to that? From a cost point of view, it would make more sense to just use the existing firmware (change a few things maybe, but rewriting the whole thing would be more work then is needed). Also looking at the decompiled source code from the Android APK, There does seem to be a few references to the company that does actually make the device. Then if you look at the way the App calls all the endpoints, along with the data it sends and compare that to they way Xiaomi works, everything seems to be very similar. If the firmware was custom then you wouldnt expect the two devices (out of the box) to communicate the same way to the backend servers.

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Nope, no link.
I could search the forum but so can you. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m not sure that Wyze wrote the firmware from the ground up. More likely modified it for their use.
Wyze has never tried to hide that.

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Yes we are Angus is saying is correct. They have never hidden the fact that they have basically borrowed other people’s products and then implemented their own firmware and changes as they wanted to make it a Wyze product.

I don’t think they’d try to mask the motor sound by making the whole thing even louder! It’s not as if it’s truly unpleasant.

I have a Foscam R2 that’s notably quieter (based on all videos in this thread) but if you’re hoping to pan and tilt to stealth-track an intruder, I’m not sure any such cam would go unheard without a fair amount of background noise masking it indoors.

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Thata not normal at all. In playbackbyou can hear that but you shouldn’t hear that motor noise standing next to it

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You’re going to hear some motor noise because they didn’t make it silent.