Sort Cam event list by newest / oldest at top

I would like to be able to sort the event view to show earliest at the top of the list vs being sorted with latest first.

For example, if I want to view events from early this morning I currently have to scroll past every event that has happened today, which can easily be 100+ (these are outside cams so pick up a lot of cars and dog walkers etc.).


But then you’d be looking at events from 14 days ago?

You might want to make use of the filters if you’re not already.

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The events are already sorted by day. I’d just like to easily see the earliest events in any given day.


Great suggestion. User defined sort order! If they could do that then they could also easily provide sort by cam too.

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The events tab only shows 1 day at a time, not 14 days at a time.

The user defined sort order would allow the user to show that selected day from oldest to newest rather than the default forced newest to oldest.

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Event List Reverse Order Button

Can we get a button at the top of the event list to display (and load) the list of events in reverse order?
Most security events seem to be between 1am and 4am. We’re constantly scrolling through the entirety of a day’s events to look at previous car prowls (and the like).

This would allow us to start searching through a day from the beginning of the day (as well as the default ‘end’)

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Sort Events and/or Load Events for specific hours/times

When a full day of Events have been accumulated, it’s tedious to get to the Events Hours/Times before that occurred before dawn.

Recommend either to A) allow Ascending/Descending sort AND/OR B) to list All 24 Hours that allows the user to click on that Hour Slot to pull Event Videos to collect.

For Option B, we already painstakingly do that, but for each descending hour.

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Is there a list view at all? I can only access the calendar view on my android device, and if I want to jump to the event, I have to move my big fingers back and forth until the tiny playhead lands on a moment of video during the day. Very inefficient.

I like the way Ring has a simple list view with all the events, you don’t waste any time pulling up a video and looking back throughout the day / week / or month.

The calendar view is awful in my opinion.

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The Cam Event List that is being mentioned here, and the request for customized sorting, is the Events Tab UI. These are the uploaded cloud server Event videos. By default, that UI already sort the Events for the cams and the filters you have selected in your settings from the newest at the top to the oldest at the bottom. The page loads 20 chronological thumbnails initially. Another 20 can be loaded by dragging the list up.

However, by your post, it sounds like you are referring to the SD Card recordings “Playback” UI.

There are two different SD Card Playback UI depending on the cam that you have. Neither will show event Thumbnails in a list although the new one does place event icons on the timeline.

If you can provide which cam you are using and perhaps a screenshot of the page, that might help you get better feedback.

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