Change order of Cameras in "Events" listed under "Cameras"

Change order of Cameras in “Events” listed under “Cameras”. View shown below;

Your Events List Filter selections will follow the order your cams are listed in your Home Screen Device list. To edit the order of the cams listed, you will need to edit the order of the cams in your Home page Device List.

Using the Camera button at the top of the Events page or the Funnel Icon, Groups will all be listed first in the order the groups appear on the Home Page Device List. Then the individual cams will be listed with the cams in groups listed in the order they appear in those groups from top to bottom.

If you would like to request that Wyze add the ability to custom sort the Events Filters List, that is handled thru a new topic post in the Wishlist. Go to the Wishlist, search the topics for one that matches your request. If you find one, vote for it at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your reply post to support the request. If you do not find a match, submit a new topic for approval.

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Thanks, Guess I will have to take steps as SlabSlayer suggested. I will also try to put in my vote on the wishlist.

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