Someone elses video feed bleeding into my feed

I have two Wyze V2 cameras, When I view “Events” on my phone and have the phone
horizontal to get the “full screen” if I swipe my phone as if swiping to see pictures on your phones memory but hold the frame I am seeing someone else’s images.
It is a living room setting with a light colored couch, throw pillow resting on the arm of the couch. Coffee table in front of the couch. The camera appears to be mounted on their ceiling or on the upper part of a wall. They have a glass wall behind the couch and something yellow on the coffee table.
Anyone ever experience anything like this??
Not very comfortable with this !!!
Also, when i set up my app and cameras every time I tried to do the “security upgrade”
it failed.

use another phone take a pic and post. may be someone recognize it.

edit: ios ir Android?
I tried on mine. wipe just go forward event or backward events with .36 app

My guess … the 12 second Events are stored in the cloud…

I suspect you are seeing someone else’s videos because of a “mix up” on the cloud side.

For example, your address is 101
but you’re getting stuff from address 110

I’d contact Support IMMEDIATELY

@Jacksonrob261, Welcome to the forums! Sorry you encountered this!
Like stated above, I’d contact support so they are aware of the possible bug. Take screen shots if you can, and keeps tabs on what you do so it can be explained to Support how to recreate or the steps you used to have this possible bug. Can you post your ticket number in this thread, and I’ll make sure it gets sent up the ladder to the correct spot. Thanks in advance!

@myswtest, didn’t mean to reply directly to you. Thanks for the note above. :slight_smile:

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What you are seeing is a standard stock image that’s used as a placeholder when a video clip is unable to be loaded for some reason.


If you are having trouble getting the update to take, I would first try restarting your phone and power-cycling the camera. If that doesn’t work, then make a Support Request.

Why don’t Wyze use something more easy to identify as place holder.
A blank page with Wyze logo??

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I have this same problem and it’s not the stupid stock Wyze image. It’s definitely someone else’s room that I am seeing.

Welcome to the User Community Forum @Fle!

Please use the Android Screen Record feature to capture a short video of you scrolling thru the event videos and post that here so that we can see what it is you are experiencing.

When scrolling from Event to Event, it will either show you the still thumbnail image of the video or the stock placeholder.

If you see something else, it is important to capture an image of that so it can be identified.


Thank you for sharing this. Earlier today I saw this picture on my events page and spent half the morning wondering who this is, if they have pictures of our house, etc. It was very unnerving and I agree, a blank page, wyze logo or an OPPS on a blank page. I keep asking my husband to go with a different company, since we’ve had so many problems with the system.

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