Somebody suspicious

I found this video from my doorbell and looks like someone is taking food from someone else. What do you think?


Looks like the delivery driver made the delivery and took the photo to “prove” it and then stole it. Make sure to show that video to the neighbor so they can dispute the delivery.


Or, the double checked the address on their phone and realized, wrong building, wrong address and tried to get out of there before someone misunderstood. I didn’t see a flash for a picture being taken, so I will leap to the presumption it was “wrong place”.

Looks like a midnight DoorDash or GrubHub delivery (or similar) and the delivery driver is being dishonest and stealing it. They definitely took a pic of it at the door. The LED was bright.

From the timestamp, your neighbor should be able to pinpoint the order and send the video to the service so that the driver can be dealt with.

It’s not just dishonest, it’s criminal.