Possible Package Theft Averted

3 people approach our neighbors apartment opposite to ours and notice a package lying near the door. First and Second act as watch while third person casually walks to the apartment and acts as if he is knocking / unlocking the door. First person realizes there is a camera and informs the other two and all 3 walk away as if nothing happened.

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Yeah, they were definitely going to take the package. I’d share this with the local police as they may be subjects in other package thefts in the area. When I lived in an apartment all of my packages were delivered to the office if I wasn’t home. It was a bit of an inconvenience if I got home after the office was closed, but I never had any stolen.

I made my own sign in the immediate proximity to my property and front door that states:
They can’t say they were not warned…




This is a good example of why Wyze needs to increase the bitrate.

There is no possible way to identify most of the people here, except what they were wearing. Their faces are just too blurred to make a positive identification.


Camera was behind a glass window, this may affects clarity and light eviroment was not perfect. At the end, thefts left because of this camera, so it worked as expected and saved the neighbor´s package :). This is what I would expect in my case. On the other hand, if this happens in your neighborhood, I will be worried becuase this will happen again…



Awesome video. Can Wyze share this on social media?

To me it looks like they were going to knock and see if anyone was home and saw the package as an indication that they weren’t. I think they were going to rob the place, so i think this camera saved more than a package.

The average thief is not going to know that the camera’s bitrate would not make a positive identification possible. They just know they are on video and that stealing isn’t a good idea. Let’s face it, criminals aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Love the sign.

I can see there faces well enough and I bet someone who personally knows them could identify them in a heartbeat.

I do agree with the other poster, they were trying for more than the package. It seemed to take too long as a package swipe since most videos you see of it have the thief doing it quickly.

It looked as if he was actually ringing the doorbell. My guess is they would have beaten up the person or pushed their way in once the door was opened (and stole the package). Nice video.

I cannot see the video.

Did you click on the link for the video? What does your browser do when you do click on he link for the video?


I could not see the video either by clicking on the OP’s link. I had to right click on link and ‘save link’ which downloads it to view it. :slight_smile:

EXCELLENT video and how nice of you to monitor your neighbor’s front door. Hope they do the same for you!!

I was able to see the video by downloading it

I used to have fake cameras to scare possible thiefs but there is no need anymore thanks to wyze for what a couple coffee and snack is worth.

Did your neighbor buy a camera to watch your back?