Some basic features missing!

Enjoying our Wyze app and devices but I think couple basic things are missing from the app/ecosystem- and should be easy to add:

  1. Share camera in ‘read only’ mode. I want to share camera view without letting others move, change settings, control notifications etc. this should also be relevant for other devices such as door lock.
  2. Disable camera notifications, but still record the Plus detection

Of course, support for Apple Shortcuts.

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This feature has been requested many times. It is one of the most popular requests on the #wishlist!

Follow the link, vote at the top for the request, drop some like :heart: hearts around, and add your own reply to the bottom if you want.

This is already possible and can be set in your cam settings. How detailed the settings are will depend on your cam Firmware.

The PanCam V1 (per your topic tag) got the upgraded notification settings some time ago so make sure you have the latest firmware.

In the Event Recording settings, under Smart Detections, toggle on all the CamPlus AI events you want to record and upload as event videos. In Notifications settings, toggle off those recorded AI events that you don’t want notified. You should then be able to record and upload events, but not receive notifications for them.


Thanks for the responses.

Is it possible - with the cam plus - to get only pet notifications but not person notifications? I want to know when my cat entered a room but don’t care whenever a person does.

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Yes, so long as your firmware is up to date.

In the Event Recording settings, set the Cam to record and save All Motion Events to the Events Tab, or to record and save only Smart Detection Events (Cam Plus AI). (Mine is set to record all).

Then, in the Smart Detections settings, tell the cam which Smart AI Events you want it to record:

Last, use the Notifications Settings in the cam to tell the server which push notifications you want from this cam. In your case Pet only. Make sure the Other Motion Events is disabled if you previously chose to record All Motion Events. Otherwise you will be flooded with notifications every time there is an upload.

Thanks for the reply. But it seems this affects the recordings, not the notifications. I still get person notifications.

If you have the person notifications turned off as they are in the third screenshot, you shouldn’t be getting those push notifications.

Do you have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite assigned to the cam?

What app version and firmware versions are you running?