Solid Blue Light but Error Code 90

A few weeks ago, I temporarily moved a V2 camera to another spot. Today, I moved it back to its original position… and it will not connect. Error 90 no matter how many times I power cycle the camera. I’ve deleted it in the app and set it up again, still nothing. No changes to my router or other devices have been made since the camera was moved.

This Error 90 is the bane of my existence. I always dread having to change anything Wyze-related because of it. But this time really takes the cake. No changes, the camera is back where it sat for 18 months, and it won’t connect.

Please help me end this nightmare. If I have to accidentally hit Cam Pro on the ad that pops up during setup one more time (very annoying) I think I’ll flip my top.

If you did this recently, it may be related to the potential AWS outage. Wyze is looking into the issues.


Yep, just saw that. Thanks!