Error Code 90 on Wyze Cam V2 after firmware upgrade

I setup 2 new Wyze Cam V2 cams last week. They both setup fine then I did a firmware upgrade on one of them. While doing this my phone got interrupted with a Skype call. Then I returned to Wyze App and it looked like the firmware upgrade did not take. So I did it again and all looked fine. But now it will not connect. I get Failure to Connect (error code 90) on my Android app when I try to restart the phone. I have reset the phone a number of time, all of which seem to work, but I still get a failure to connect message it all the time.
What can I do??


Sorry to hear you are having troubles. A common solution for that particular error is to power cycle the cameras. Give that a try and check back in if you are still having troubles.

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I have power cycled, I have gone through setup numerous times, I have used different WiFi networks.
Nothing seems to make a difference.

I am sorry to hear that. At this point I think it is time to open a support ticket with Wyze. You can do that here.

We are all users just like you here, not Wyze employees. I believe they can best assist you from here onwards. Good luck and don’t hesitate to check in with us if needed.

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I did, yesterday. So I guess all I can do is wait.


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