Solar Powered WYZE Security Camera DIY


Solar panel model?

The parts are listed in the description under the youtube video. Please like and subscribe if you find this build is useful.

I couldn’t find other solar powered WYZE cam on youtube yet so I made this video.

This solution is unique because WYZE allows 24 x 7 video recording on to an SD card.
WYZE Cam consumes 1.3~1.5W and the solar panel can provide about 11W, the excess power gets stored in a power pack.

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Awesome, I am going to try this on a couple of my cameras. How about putting the batter on the back of the solar panel and then silicone the entire thing to make water tight.

Hi Daniel, that’s a good idea, however it may get super hot in the summer therefore battery life will be shortened due to the damage from the heat.

Components I used are listed in my video description. I hope it helps and inspires WYZE users come up with their own design.

I will keep you guys updated by posting more videos about this project if I make any updates and its longevity.

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battery died, reverting back to the ravpower power bank…