Solar Power

Has anyone hooked up solar to power camera instead of ac adapter?
If so, what brand and part number

I am currently working on a system. I have a small 10w solar panel that goes to a solar regulator I got This one
and This one respectivelyThis one
I am having an issue though. It would seem that the 10w solar array isn’t enough to keep the battery charged to 12v. Once the voltage on the battery drops below 10.5 the camera shuts off… well the regulator shuts off the USB ports. I am not sure if I need a bigger Panel…maybe a 30w or another battery in series. I read somewhere that a Wyze cam uses about 40w a day. But there should be enough power in an 12v battery to last all night…

I realize this is an older post but hope this helps.
I have set up two similar Solar Power Systems for Wyze cameras. One powers two cameras and the other only one. I use the USB outputs in the charge controller to power the cameras. One was even extended about 50 feet and is working fine so far.

Charge controller

One battery for each system

100watt may be over kill but should work better for extended cloudy days