Solar Panel Power

I need some help here. Will the solar panel linked above power the standard Wyze camera? What specifications am I looking for?

If you search this forum, you will find many posts on the topic - required panel capability, battery capacity, outdoor mounting, run-time, etc etc.

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This is one thread you may find interesting. There are many more posts you can find by searching the forum.

I would be somewhat surprised if it works overly well. They give no specs on the solar panel, but based on the package size, I am going to estimate that it is around a 7 watt (at best) panel. That is plenty to power the camera with some left over to charge the battery. However not likely enough for the purpose. Using my 7 watt panel estimate, and fixed mounting, around 40 WH per day is about the best you could do. That would be very marginal for a single Wyze camera without ever using the night mode LEDs (even if you were able to get 100% storage efficiency - which you don’t). They do give specs on the battery as 9.62 WH. If that spec is correct (and I’m not overly confident that it is), that is only good a few hours of camera operation without a charge.
Note that my math used best case conditions. Most likely it would be worse.

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