Powering a V2 with an portable battery power pack

Just FYI for anyone interested. I was curious as to how long I could use a cam on a phone battery pack. I had one I had impulse-purchased in a checkout line at HD ages ago, so I charged it, plugged in a V2 with an SD card, set it to continuous record and, just to make it interesting, set up a 12 hour time lapse to record. Also set it up at night to really tax the battery.
This is a $12 pocket pack only providing 2600mAh of power but it ran the V2 for almost exactly 5 hours. The cam recorded continuously , recorded time lapses and ran infrared flawlessly until power gave out. When I plugged it in the next morning it started right back up and ran fine.

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That is good to know. I will have to try that. I have a 10000mAh power pack maybe it will go 10 hours on a full charge. Thanks for sharing the idea.

I have a 20800mAh power pack , I wonder how long it would last

If you do try, let me know your results. I want to set up a floating cam for monitoring different areas on an overnight-24 hour basis. It would help me to know what size pack to get for a longer run.

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I picked up a solar charged battery pack from Amazon (search for " SOARAISE Solar Charger 25000mAh Portable Power Bank ")
Seems to be well built.

One I bought puffed up while charging like the overcharge circuit wasn’t working.

Interesting to see if the camera could run 24/7 with our sun.
I live in Arizona, plenty in supply here.

Trouble is the heat might be excessive here for the little cameras.
I’ll shade them at least.
Looking for 107º today.

I’ve been experimenting with this. A 10000mah battery will last about a day even with sun.

The V2 PTZ draws about 400 millamps (average) 500 with the IR leds.

I found a normal solar battery bank does not have enough recharge capacity in the panel to keep it running.

I did find that using a 10w 12V panel and a 12V 7ah lead acid battery through a 12v-5v buck converter works well.

As long as you dont mind recharging, A 10,000mah will last about a day. I ran one from 7am until about 9am the following day with partial sun.

I have been running mine continuous on a battery bank I made, its 18650’s 3s2p configuration meaning 12v at 5Ah total power or 60 watt hours…its powered by a cheap charge controller with 2 USB ports and a 40 watt flex solar panel. other battery packs I tested charge by just Micro-USB did not charge enough during the day…I think the 27 watt would work as my 40watt panel is charge by noon even in shade.


That sounds fantastic. It is similar to my setup. I like that panel I will try it.