Can you hook Wyze cam with a battery? like Blink and all?

All I want to do is connect the cams to the battery and expect it to run at least a year - wires look shitty - anyone has tried anything yet?

I think it would take quite a battery to run it for a year from the power usage I have seen.

Blink cameras are designed to run for 40,000 seconds of Motion Clips and Live View.
that equates to 0.46296296 DAYS.

I’ve run V2 cams on 10A power banks without IR and they lasted about a half day,
Wyze is coming out with an “Outdoor Camera” rumored to be battery powered.

Wait and see.

A V2 camera draws about 2.5W (0.5A at 5V). To last a year requires a battery of about 22 kWh.
The battery in a Tesla (about 80 kWh) would give well over a year of run time :smile:


I guess I was thinking a small battery pack and not a car battery lol.

OP wants a year of run time, and indicated “multiple cams”. He’ll need something bigger than a small battery pack to last that long.
Elon’s battery could power 4 Wyzecams for a year🤣! But not very cost-effective…

I will stick with my wires, that in my opinion do not look bad because i tried to take the time to run them decently lol