Any plan on making battery option for the camera?

Hi, thank you so much for making amazing products at such an affordable price!

I was wondering if you have any plan on making a product that can use battery power as an option. I have Wyze Cam V.2, but the only feature that made me think about buying other camera was the lack of battery option. Power outlets aren’t always nearby the ideal camera locations, and I don’t like seeing long cords lying around. It would be really nice if you could add this feature in the next product. Except for this one feature, I really love everything about the new Wyze Cam Pan!

Have you thought about using those USB power banks?

Just remember, the smaller the battery (power bank) the shorter the time it will be able to work.


I would look into solar power…

I mean like using AA batteries like Blink cameras.

Blink cameras are not PT, so totally different type of camera.

Anything with a motor will draw more amperage and power.

The Blink cameras are nice, but they can’t compare with the feature set of the Wyze Cam Pan.

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The battery-powered cameras have severe limitations. You simply can’t compare them. If it were as easy as slapping in a battery, you could also just attach a USB power device to the Wyzecam. I just did some real-life power testing and will post the results shortly. But you simply can’t have a camera with all of these features running full time and running on batteries for a very long time.


Would love to know your test results. I ordered a pair of these to test (added to 12 V2 I have) and the peak load and avg draw would be great to size a battery and solar charger for a remote location.


If it is using a USB3 bus then the absolute max of 1.5A and 3A over the 5V bus which is pretty stout draw. So at that rate a 10,000mAh battery pack would last at 3A draw only 3 hours :frowning:

Posted now in the V1/V2 section.


Thank you.

Just remember that the Blink cameras use AA “Lithium” batteries and many people are reporting low battery life is high traffic areas. The first generation Reolink Argus cameras have the same limitation only they use 4 Lithium CR123A batteries, which cost around $2 each. Until battery and camera technology improves, battery only security cameras have limited uses.

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