Film without being plugged In

Is there a way to stream/record without being plugged in? The spot I want my camera isn’t near a plug, I could maybe use a portable charger but would rather not

this might hold some information for you. for further information, use the search button at the top right of the page. even a vague search usually turns up pretty good results.

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What about not being plugged in at all? Is that even possible or it always needs to be plugged in

yup, always needs some sort of plug in. it has to have some sort of power. so currently the closest you are going to get to not being plugged in would be a battery power pack.

the outdoor cam in development currently is going to possibly be battery and plug in. and hopefully that will be launching by the end of the year. just a small fyi

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and @caylazayas one other thing to keep in mind. with the current firmware. it has to be able to “check in” with Wyze servers when it is powered on initially to start recording. so for instance…

if you wanted it to record remotely in a cabin with no wifi, you would first have to put it on the battery pack, connect it at home or where ever you have wifi. once its started there, you could take it to a lonely cabin in the middle of nowhere and it would continue to record to the SD card until it runs out of power. you wouldn’t have live view or alerts, but when you collect it and bring it back to civilization, you should have all that footage.