V2 camera housing = empty plastic bottle

A large empty instant coffee container, painted brown, with a hole drilled in the bottom should adequately protect a V2 camera and a power bank. The intention was to use a spare V2 outdoors in the weeds to capture video of critters overnight. A 10,000 mAh power bank lasts overnight easily when only capturing events. I think the power bank will last about 8 hours during constant video capture. I did have to use forceps to attach the micro USB cable to the camera due to the orientation in which I had to squeeze the camera through the regular opening.

I may also find a covert mission or two where video would be useful.


Looks good but if using IR lighting you may need to move camera forward or shorten container to avoid IR reflections?

We use a V3 it draws half the power that the V2 uses,and we have a 50,000 moss power bank and it last 6 days

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Err, wouldn’t a squared off bottle have been a much less rolly choice?


Yes rectangular is probably better but I chose to use what I had in my hand at the moment. Ultimately I think I’ll build a small wooden box and attach it to a stake that you can step on in order to plant it in the ground.