Solar Panel Cleaning

Best way to clean a solar panel?

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Windex and a towel?

Sunlight is the best disinfectant?

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I just lightly hose mine off, just gets the dust off. Make sure you don’t jet the camera though

Can be surprising how much dust stays on with just a rinse. I have just under 9 KW of solar on my house and garage roof. I have just rinsed them off, but after it dries, a good part of the dust is still there. Does depend on how long you let it sit there dusty… I have what looks like a smallish pushbroom with an extendable up to 24 foot pole that has a tube and nozzles that sprays through the broom head. It is specifically made for washing high windows and solar panels. Hook up hose to the tube and turn on the water. Start brushing.


Wyse is working on the solar panel cleaning device. They had some wiping issues. It’s the only thing holding up dark mode.


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Thank You ssummerlin!!

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Well something’s gotta hold it up. Otherwise it’d fall over. :wink: