Socket to Me ? - Lamp Socket Re-Stock timetable?

With all the Wyze texts, email n notifications.

This one got past me like a “Stanley Cup”, game winning goal, in Dbl OT. :frowning:

If not for a Utuber (The Hook-Up), rating light bulb security cams. I would not have known.

I think it’s a reasonably priced device ($10.99 vs $13-$17+ price online) . This little device beats my, shaky diy setup.

Does anyone know the time-line / timetable, for it’s return ?

(Sadly the tag for the “wyze lamp socket” escaped my search for one) :neutral_face:

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Not sure of an in stock time frame for Wyze, but it does appear as if Home Depot has them, where Amazon is also sold out.

But I think you may have seen this regarding your price statement. They are a few more dollars at THD vs. Wyze.

I’ve seen them for a few dollars more (THD)
I wanted to get several of them.
That’s where the price difference, starts to add up.

I guess they are back in stock and on there way to me.

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