Canada store doesn't have all the products?


I’m trying to buy a couple of the wyze lamp sockets, but the only option is to buy them with the V3 cam at the Canada store.

I want to buy this:

but it doesn’t exist as a stand-alone product here:

Also, I want to get the garage door kit here:

but it’s not listed. Any chance these items can make their way to the Canada store?

Thanks and regards


Echoing the same issue. The Canada store seems to be lacking many products, so I’m looking for the Outdoor Power Adapter for v3.

I’m not sure if this helps, but I managed to get the socket adapters from Installed it last night, works like a charm! One of the best things I’ve bought for the outdoor lights for sure!

The only problem with buying through amazon is the price difference.

Yeah, you are right. I paid $28/ea for them, but now I’m done with my project so I guess there’s that. It really is frustrating that we don’t have the same options up here, but I guess some options are better than none(like it used to be).

I’m after the garage door controller too. Can’t wait for it to be available.

Any timeframe Wyze?

No time frame yet, but i will let them know out Canadian friends want more products. :canada:

Me too…can’t wait for the Garage Controller to be made available on the Canadian store. Let us know when it happens.

It’s now available in Canada :canada::canada::canada: