Question on Wyze Lamp Socket + Wyze Cam v3

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I’ve emailed support already but hoping that someone can also assist me here as well.

I would like to buy a Wyze Lamp Socket + Wyze Cam v3 and I can see that the Wyze Lamp Socket standalone ($10.99) is sold out:

I can also see that there’s a bundle option that includes the Wyze Cam v3, for $48.99. My first question is, when will the standalone be back in stock? Clearly, it’s in stock if you go with the $48.99 bundle, which is literally just a combination of 2 separate products - so technically it’s not like there’s absolutely no stock left for Wyze Lamp Socket, right?

More importantly, why is the bundle more expensive? You can buy Wyze Lamp Socket and Wyze Cam V3 as standalones for $40.99 ($10.99 + $29.99). So why is the bundle charging $8 more???

Furthermore, I understand that I need to keep the switch for my outdoor lights on, so that there is power provided to the Wyze Cam v3. However, I don’t want my outdoor light to be on 24/7. I understand you can set a schedule for it to be turned on/off, but I don’t want that either. I literally just want to manually turn on/off my outdoor light, just like normal. Can this only be done via the Wyze app?

Lastly, would leaving my outdoor light switch switched on 24/7 drain power? If I’m not using my light bulb, then the power draw should only just be from the Wyze Cam, correct? I’m just worried that by having the switch on the whole time, that it’s somehow going to increase my power usage and increase my electricity bill.

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Wyze products are packaged into their bundles at the manufacturer generally, so I’m guessing they have bundles but not individuals because they are in diffrent boxes. Could be wrong.

Not sure why the price is like that, strange…

Yes, you can use the Wyze app to turn the light on and off, there will be a little button above the livestream for the cam.

The only power draw should be the cam, when the lights off it’s not drawing any power.

Hope those answer most of your question, @WyzeJimmy may be able to answer the first 2 a bit better.

Thanks and just to clarify, the Wyze app turns the light on the bulb on/off, NOT turning the light on Wyze Cam v3 on/off?

You can do both, this little icon will be green when the lights on, and you can click it to toggle the light on or off. In settings you can turn the camera on or off like any other Wyze cam, but it’s completely seperate of the light.

Thank you, that’s perfect.

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