So tired of these cams and software glitching!

I have three Wyze cams V2. One of them is always displaying the wrong time stamp. It’s an hour behind the other two cams. One of the cams, the one farthest away in the upstairs bonus room is now saying “offline” when you try to view it in the multi cam view. But if I tap on that specific cam it will take me to the live feed fine. This particular cam is also not recording any events I’ve noticed. I also tried to restart it from the app and it says “failed” immediately. So even though I can view the live feed on this cam, it’s not recording events nor allowing me to restart it from the app. I’m just getting so tired of this. I constantly have problems with these cams.

Are you looking for assistance? Sorry you have some issues! Have you done the time sync in the one camera that’s off in the time? And for the other one id do a manual firmware flash. I’ve done this and it’ll fix the issue.


I will attempt this. Thanks.

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