So sad about the quality and reliability of my Wyze events recording

I have the VDB v1 and the outdoor cam V3. The video quality seems to be okay. I have a one year subscription to Cam plus on both. I have only had the Wyze for a little over two weeks so my subscriptions are only a few days old. Today a large vehicle pulled into my driveway and two adults (friends of ours) went to the front door. The Cam V3 recorded the vehicle coming into our driveway. They went to the front door and presumably rang the door bell. We were not home and so they left some flowers there for us. The doorbell did NOT record them being there at all. Meanwhile I got at least 50 events today from the tree in my front yard which is supposed to be excluded in the Detection Zone.

Recently I called Wyze with a technical question and the Wyze employee answered my question well and I was able to resolve the question. I got an email asking about that and I responded that I was happy with the customer support I got on the question. It then went on to ask if I would recommend Wyze with an option to select between 1 and 10. Since I was happy with the support I said 6. I would now change that to 0 if I could. If anyone ever asks me about Wyze I will tell them to run not walk AWAY. Unless things change drastically in the next year I will NOT be renewing my Cam Plus and will probably just get a quality product from somewhere.


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I’ve had only v2 cams, and original bulbs and plugs (satisfied) so I can’t add much more than this.

Kind of ‘fun’ if nothing else. :slight_smile:

Would not surprise me in the least if most of the webcam products on the market were fronts just like Twitter… Ostensibly a social media network, yet a de facto communications propaganda & surveillance network in actuality. Plausibly but not practically functional. The fact that we finance it all only heightens the laughter behind the scenes.

Generally speaking, however, I will say that most of my wyze installation base is pretty reliable. The most glaring issue I have faced is with cam pan v1 firmware. Between spring of 2019 and spring/summer 2021, event capture by motion detection was broken. Literally had to keep it on back level firmware until last August when I took yet another stab (despite 3-4 successive brickwares preceding) and they seem to have fixed that issue.

Currently I am dealing with erratic wco v2 & solar panel charging in this thread. Oddly, my rig worked perfectly for 2 weeks and then started gradually depleting all the while showing a charge symbol… :man_shrugging:t2:

Also, the odd random products going offline… Most notably this outdoor plug as well as periodic cam pan v2 fits.

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I understand your frustration. Wyze cameras use a pixel algorithm to trigger an event so a light change or a tree blowing in any pixel will trigger it . It seems to be unreliable with people and vehicle events though

Which is why I have been very critical of the pixel algorithm, and have been against it for some time.

I do not want countless videos of every light change , cars headlights , tress blowing , etc but not detecting people and vehicle events is too far.

It all comes down to your settings , detection zones etc

I have stated that wyze needs to get rid the rigid boxes and try a pull and drag . Like ring or eufy , those are more reliable

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Actually, a number of people discovered that it was just broken entirely. No matter what sensitivity level, I would only ever get smart alert videos and never motion based videos for 2 years. Literally, these cameras worked for the first 6 weeks after installing them mid-February 2019. An avalanche of faulty firmware began late March / early April 2019. Somewhere in last year’s firmware release notes they acknowledged fixing motion detection in cam pan v1. The stationary cam v2 model didn’t seem to have the issue and continued working the entire time.

What about bugs? Do you like those clips? :grin: I definitely get my fill of those! :honeybee: :butterfly::spider:

EDIT-1: Just realized this was a reply to the OP. Pardon the misunderstanding. Your response came right on the heels of my previous post. I was only chiming in with cam pan v1 woes.

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