Sneaky Hen Steals an Egg. Thank goodness for View Playback

Sneaky Hen Steals an Egg
It was just a little too large to upload here, sorry.
Editing to include the video after reading what peepeep said (thanks).


Better get that Hen a Lawyer. I can rent you my Possum Judge, Skunk Lawyer and Raccoon Jury for a small fee . :rofl:

Appropriation of lost property is a theft offense described under California Penal Code 485 . This statute makes it a crime for anyone who finds lost property and doesn’t make a reasonable attempt to locate the owner. The classic tale of “finders-keepers” is not always without consequences.

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Interesting law, but I’m not in Calif anymore. Didn’t need a lawyer, though. Since they work for me, I get the eggs. :grinning:

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Do people post links to youtube versus allowing it to display inline here cuz it doesn’t count as a ‘view’ there, otherwise? Just wondering… :slight_smile:

I think the reason is WYZE has a 5 MB limit on uploads. I have some long files that it wouldn’t load, got a notice file was to large.


Ah, that’s right… and Ann said so (missed it!) Didn’t know what the upper limit was, thanks!

But at the same time, why not let the remote yt video display inline here, ala:

Usually you just paste the link into the body while composing and press enter to inline it here…

You get a ‘view count’ here when you link, that you wouldn’t otherwise get, maybe a possibility, too?


Sorry for the procedural detour, Ann, carry on! :slight_smile:


Ohh ok, thanks! Good to know.

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That’s what it said, that my file was too big. I didn’t realize (or forgot) I could just include the link in the message box.

Ann, what’s the plan? :wink:

How clucks the light-fingered hen?

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Ha. Well, the plan was to integrate the newer small flock with the larger flock and that’s going well. I just installed another roosting bar in the hen house for the smaller girls. The new plan is to put the nesting boxes in the smaller coop and just use the larger coop for them to sleep in at night. :grinning: :chicken: And I think the others have been trying to snatch the other eggs, too.


You do have a plan, excellent! :grin:

I wonder if we could cobble together a ‘chicken tractor’ and slap a Wyze sticker on it. :chicken:image :tractor:

What would we need, 2-4 Wyze Cars, some v2s and an improvised ‘trailer hitch?’ *

I figger maybe @victormaletic could whip us up one. :wink:

* multiple cars seems way inefficient. how could we do it with one…:thinking:

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I was going to build my own chicken tractor on a 4x8 utility trailer I have, but ended up building the smaller coop with no floor which turned out perfect for 6 chickens. But I’m going to eventually put hardware cloth on the bottoms of both of them.

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Nice colors and patterns on the closest bird, real pretty full screen… :slight_smile:

Thanks. She and the one next to her are the most colorful ones (Easter Eggers/Americanas). They’re much prettier than in that video.

@AnnWithAPlan, @peepeep, and others.
In reply to post 12, would 1.5"x1.5" wire mesh work? Would it be mostly self-cleaning when the coop is moved, yet provide preditor protection?

In regards to the transfer of the egg from one nest box to the other (from the chicken’s point of view?), maybe it’s her chicken’s duty to protect and care for a neglected egg.

Perhaps this beneficial behavior should be encouraged by setting the floor of the adjacent nestbox on light springs. This way all she would have to do to get the egg is to step with one claw on the floor corner and the egg would roll to her.

I almost chickened out on writing this.

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Ugh, I wrote up a reply and then it stalled and stalled when I finished.

I’d rather only use 1/2" hardware cloth because mice and snakes can get into the bigger holes. I’m now thinking of just putting strips of it all along the sides of the coops. Then they’ll still have the ground inside to scratch on and predators will be more reluctant to dig around the sides. I already had rats and mice dig underneath to get inside for the food and water (which is now kept outside).

You’re right about the egg snatching. I just thought it made a funny video. :smile:

I had to run out there awhile ago because the tarp over the pvc hoops came crashing down on one side of the run. I did get some video footage from 2 different angles off the chicken run cams.

I like your idea of using strips of hardware cloth along the sides, and the chickens will like it.

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I’m sure they will haha. They do like scratching around inside the coops and I use that later on in my garden boxes.
I’ve been dealing with a 5’ long rat snake. It was in my attic the other day, then he made his way back outside and onto my bird feeder. I don’t have a card in the cam, so couldn’t get any footage of it. Only one snap shot from the stills with a partial view of it’s body in the corner. I have several cards on order now. A day late and a dollar short. Oh well.

Give me an address and I will send you. An unopened WYZE memory card tomorrow.

Nice offer, Victor. :slight_smile:

I like, and they’d probably figure it out and use it just like that!

Fun image… :smile: