Smart plug overnight rule

Seems like every time I have to create a rule to turn my smart plugs on overnight I have to ask you for your input Slabslayer.
What I want this rule to do is turn my smart plug on 15 minutes before sunset and then off 59 minutes before sunrise the following day. I have attached a screenshot. Do I have it right?….thanks

You can try it, but there were issues in the past when the schedule was bridging two calendar days.

I always schedule my rules so the start is in the same day as the end to avoid that issue.

Start 59 min before Sunrise
End 15 min before Sunset

Action: Turn Plug Off

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That may work the way you have it but it may have to wait a day for the next sunset for the rule to start, but it’s probably best to set it up like Slab has it written out for easy of mind understanding. Lol

@SlabSlayer @SlabSlayer
Thanks guys. Slab does seem to know best so I’ll rewrite it the way he suggests. Will know tomorrow morning.

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