Smart(er) lock (IOT)

When my wife noticed something amiss (ing) in our house several years ago, she insisted I change the front door lock. I was sceptical, but I bought a # code lock. Shortly thereafter, before installation, we discovered that in fact it was our daughter that had moved something my wife thought had been stolen. This uninstalled lock still sits on my kitchen counter. Re your new smart lock, I was wondering how this would be better than my new, uninstalled code # lock. Let’s do a thought exp’m’t. This won’t hurt. OK, maybe a little. Somebody you know needs to gain access to your home, but you are 20 mi away at work. Your lock. She calls you and you unlock the door (as if by magic). My (uninstalled) lock. She calls me and I give her the code (which I can change anytime). Your lock (susceptible to ‘butt unlock)’…? My lock. Not so much. You’re welcome. I request a place on the board, product manager position, evangelist position, or at least an opportunity to buy your stock b4 you go public. I have faith in you, but you need me. Cheers, Julian
p.s. My daughter lives in Olympia and i just returned from there (to Indpls.). She needs me as well and really wants me to move there.

hmmmm butt lock…theres a term I never wouldve thoght I would read.


to get to unlock the door, im going to say its not generally going to happen.

there are a few steps needed to get the app to unlock the door.

  1. open/ unlock phone. device security dependent here.

  2. open the Wyze app ( there is no widget option at this time) among any other apps you have ( needs specific butt decipher ability there)

  3. depending on your device order, open the lock among all the other wyze devices ( list not conclusive)- cameras, sensors, sharks with lasers, scales, shoes, and hovercraft, doorbell, outdoor-cam or sloth you might have.

  4. and then the easiest part, as the lock/ unlock button is rather large on the lock screen.

considering the steps needed I dont think “butt locking” is going to be much of an issue.

I do have a setup similar to you though and I love being able to make and give out codes for others as needed, so having both options until Wyze releases the keypad for the lock is a great fallback.

thats my thunder on your thought experiment :slight_smile:

pssst, now that everyone else has stopped reading, if you do know where I can get Wyze sharks (lasers optional) please let me know…Ive been bugging them for nearly 2 years about it now.


As Bam mentioned, I doubt butt unlock would be an issue since you have to open an app and all.
I also have a dumb electronic deadbolt with no remote capability that I can add/remove codes on. Actually, the new Wyze lock just replaced it and I moved it to my basement door. I bought the Wyze lock for all the additional capabilities such as auto unlock, ability to remotely check status, ability to use the door status to trigger rules and events like turning on lights when the door opens as a contact sensor does, etc.
Once the keypad becomes available, the Wyze lock will have all of the features of my old Kwikset Power Bolt 2 lock plus a multitude of other possibilities and conveniences.

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I am not a Luddite, as I have 3 Wyze Cams, a smart phone, a PC, a laptop with an ssd, and a car w/o a key. But I am olde and a skeptic. I was born with a gene for this. Correct me if I’m wrong, but with a remote lock you are dependent/susceptible to 3 things at least, cell phone service, juicy WiFi, and hacking. So there I am in my car when someone remotely turns off my ignition, stops my pacemaker, and unlocks my front door. I feel violated… I also cannot stop channeling the movie Wall-E. Maybe I am a Luddite…I feel my brain going flabby on things like adding in my head, and finding my way to an address. Don’t let this happen to U…
p.s. In the event that all that hacking occurs, I have a shark with lasers in his/her head pointing at my front door (with an IR detector). I make them in my basement out of driftwood and AAA batteries. Call me…


LOL…Well, I’m personally not concerned with anyone hacking my lock to get in and steal my TV. I live in a pretty quiet wooden house with wood framed doors and all these really thin transparent things called windows. If a bad guy wants to get inside, it would be easier to break in than it would be to hack the lock on a door that also has those thin transparent things in it. :smile:


Raym64, is that an oud?

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Ah, no. Its a regular 6 string renaissance style acoustic guitar I built with Koa wood.
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