Smart bulb syncing

I have 4 Wyze smart color bulbs in our garden. They are all set to come on at sunset. My desire is that they all come on at the same time in sync but they don’t. They come on independently over a span of about 5 minutes. Is there any way to get them in sync ?

Did you group the bulbs or have them set independently?

Can you post a copy of your Rule(s) so we can see what it looks like?

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They are in a group and each set up the same as above rule

If you build one rule to execute the action on the Group rather than 3 rules on each individual bulb you should get better results.

When you select the action, the Groups are listed all the way down on the bottom.

EDIT - You did exactly as I was suggesting and posted within seconds after me. :+1:


I just deleted each of the individual bulb rules and created a new group with its own rule.

I now have 1 group with 4 bulbs in it and 1 rule for the group. ON at sunset and OFF at 10pm.

Not sure this will help with my problem of syncing but it’s all I could think solve the syncing problem. Does this sound right ?


Thanks :+1:

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I’ll find out tonight when they turn off because they weren’t syncing on OFF or ON.
Each bulb turned ON and OFF at a minute or so apart.


So far looking good on turning off last night

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