Sliding Gate

I have a car park with 6 different cars belonging to 6 different tenants in a building which has an electric sliding gate.

I don’t really need it to close, just open (it closes automatically anyway).

A few questions:

  1. First, can I use this as an alternative to a remote control?
  2. Can I share app access to the gate to a few people so they can open it using the phone.

Also, how annoying will it be for tenants to use this app to open the gate as opposed to a remote that they use?

Thanks everyone.

The garage controller is a very new product for Wyze. It seems to have its share of problems and isn’t designed to work for your scenario. I wouldn’t suggest using it as you would probably just aggravate the people who need access and they probably wouldn’t appreciate needing to load an app on their phones just to open the gate. Furthermore, it probably won’t work.

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Thanks for your straight up answer. You have seemingly saved me at least 24 hours of pain (installing, testing, deploying to tenants, complaints, debugging, uninstalling, etc etc. etc).

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