Simple Detection zone question

I have a question about the detection zone for my doorbell camera.

Are the squares blocking what you DON’T want detected, or HIGHLIGHTING what you do want detected?

I cannot find a clear explanation and windy days drive me insane with all the notifications. Thank you

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The shaded squares you select are ignored and no motion detection should be happening there. This is the Excluded Detection Zone where motion detection is being blocked.

The unselected squares that are not shaded is your Included Detection Zone and should be initiating Motion Activated Events.


Thank you! This should help a lot. :grin:

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Is that true for all camera models? I too was confused on what the darkened squares mean. Why not have a help button on the Detection Zone setup page explaining that?

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For all the cams that have the squares like that, yes. The shaded squares are being excluded from the detection zone. It certainly would be beneficial to explain it in the DZ page.

There are older models that Wyze uses, and it may still be active on a V1 or V2, where there was a box drawn around objects. But, I have never seen it and don’t have any of those cams. I can’t be sure about the Wyze Cam Outdoor battery operated cams either. I don’t have any of those. If you have a specific cam in mind, I am sure we can find someone that has one to confirm it.