Activity zone question

The newer grid detection zone confuses me.
Is it the black area that detects motion or the non-black area?

The non-highlighted squares are excluded from detection.


Highlighted squares are the black ones?


Ok, I get it, but I found your original answer confusing. If all the squares are black then the ones you clear would be the highlighted ones and the black ones are the non-highlighted ones. Anyways thank you for the clarification.

So blacking out a square turns ON the detection zone? This is a confusing and unintuitive design. I assumed that blacking out a square would turn off the detection zone for that square. Week should at least make this clear in the Settings, e.g. with a help link.

No, there is a slider switch to turn on/off the detection zone if you have one set.

When you are setting the zone by blacking out/clearing squares;-
Black/dark = ignored area
Clear = active detection area

Bear in mind the latest IOS app has a nasty bug screwing up setting the detection zone.