Detection zones

Can you please tell me if there is a way to set up either multiple detection zones or an exclusion zone… It only seems to allow me to set one rectangle for within a view for detection.

Can this he added as a suggestion for future versions.

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One detection zone is all they allow at the moment, but you can vote for a change below.

Also, you may be interested in a sense motion detector that ignores movement that isn’t warm-blooded, like tree branches and leaves.


Another vote for more zones, particularly exclusion zones. Shifting light shining through exterior doors and windows with mini-blinds creates many false positives unless sensitivity is set quite low. Were the user able to set exclusion zones extending to the edges of the blinds, an intruder still would be detected entering the room.

Welcome to the community, @tinman. If you want to vote on this, you need to go over to Greater control over detection zone shape and VOTE at the top-left of the topic. “Adding my vote” or +1’s do nothing to the vote counts on this forum. :slight_smile: