The ability to “draw” the detection zone

How about changing the current rectangle only method of detection zone, to that of whatever shape we want? Something similar to the way Ring does on their “pro” doorbell cameras.


I’ve added your request for a more flexible detection zone to Wyze’s feature request tracker. It’s currently in the top 10 requested features. No word, though, on when it might get implemented.

+1, please RickO. The current mechanism only works for a small window of use cases. Thank you!


I updated my cameras to the most recent BETA and now one camera has an all yellowish green screen.

It’s a known issue that’s being investigated and worked on. Please submit a support ticket from within the app so that the logs will go to Wyze for analysis.

If not a “draw” option, a second detection box. I have an “L” shaped detection zone I would like.

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Originally, I had thought that a "no detection " zone would work to block a plant that keeps setting off the camera but the idea of being able to draw the area of detection is even better! I think I prefer that ability.