Silicone jacket causes video clarity issues....?

It appears that when the silicone jacket is placed on the PanCam that the lens immediately “fogs up”. And, no, the jacket isn’t being put on backwards. I originally thought that possibly it was a condensation problem, and not happening immediately. In trouble shooting, the issue completely and immediately went away with the removal of the jacket. This was verified by doing the same routine on another PanCam. Only at night. Day video is normal. This info as relayed to me by my brother. I have installed the jacket on my camera and will see if it happens tonight. Will also get photos “again”. Just wondering if this has been seen by anyone.

Sounds like IR light reflection. Is the jacket white? You can test during the day in any room you can make dark, like I can my utility room.

Will consider that. Cameras are mounted… Will wait till dark and see what I can determine based on that. Not much there to reflect off of though in my thinking. We’ll find out. Thanks for the idea.

If it is IR reflection, a quick fix/test is to put black electrical tape on the inside edges of the jacket that are exposed to the IR lights.

What silicon jacket?

Third party

Verified as IR reflection but only when PanCam is looking full up or full down. I haven’t tried the tape or any other masking attempt but see it as easily eliminated by not doing full up or down. Probably tape as mentioned, or permanent marker blackening out the rim of the silicone jacket. For the person asking what jacket, check accessories. It’s available and I’m still thinking a full ‘weather proof’ camera is the better choice and they’re working on that.

When I check accessories on the Wyze site I see a power strip, an SD card, and 2 mounting kits, neither of which have “jackets”.

Ok, sorry. Evidently it’s not ‘theirs’… search for it. It’s out there. Don’t want to put the url up here, thinking that wouldn’t be appropriate. It was discussed on here, and I searched for Wyzecam silicone jacket… that should find it for you.