SideTone for WYZE headphones

I’m not sure if this is possible to add after the launch of the headphones but I think a highly underrated feature of many headphones is SideTone. AKA the ability for the microphones to relay your voice back through into the headset so you don’t sound muted to yourself when making a call. This is so important of a feature to me that personally I don’t get headphones that don’t support this natively. (It keeps me from screaming because I can’t hear myself as well when wearing headphones lol)

Side note: As well as being an electronics technician I am a Audio/Video specialist. I have built some crazy systems in my day for companies like Chase, Goldman Sachs, LG… the list goes on. That being said I would like to point out ahead of time for those ready to comment : Transparency mode is NOT the same as SideTone. SideTone isolates your voice and relays it back to you so you hear yourself at a normal volume, where Transparency is all noises around you (Ex, other people, cars, background noise, etc). Also, yes Windows does support software SideTone however the latency is way to high and it causes some very annoying echos. SideTone has to be supported natively on the hardware of the headphones for it to work properly.

Like I said, I understand if it can’t be baked in after the fact, but I figured I would throw it out there since this is the first I hear of the very promising WYZE Headphones.

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I can’t remember the last time I heard my voice on a phone call. Like real live actual full duplex conversations where people can audibly and politely talk over one another, it seems to be a thing of the past. :frowning:

We support Sidetone! Early on in our product development and testing, we have found testers complaining about not being able to hear themselves. So we supported SideTone! :slight_smile:


Excellent! Thanks. I see this was just switched to Roadmap.

Yes, because it’s already supported in the headphones!

This should be marked as “Solved” or “launched” then @ mods I think

It says “pre-order” now, I think that says enough. :slight_smile:

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True :slight_smile:

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Awesome to know! Might I suggest placing it in the product page if its not already there? It’s a great selling point.


Indeed. Based on this feature, I’m placing an order today.

Sidetone: the reason I’ll be ordering several pairs of these for those I share a home office with. Thanks!

My headphones arrived this week and I took the latest update, but I have no sidetone and find it disorienting, as the original poster mentioned. Is there something specific I need to enable to get sidetone?

The active noise cancelling is wonderful, and the build quality is great. Kudos to the team for this great design.

… except for that lack of sidetone …

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I have the exact same issue/question. There is definitely no sidetone in noise cancellation mode – which is of course when it is needed. Firmware is on latest. App is on latest. There does not appear to be any place to turn sidetone on/of on the headset or in the app.

I have placed a call with technical support as well. Please help – this is clearly an issue for everyone.



“already supported in the headphones”?

I keep taking the updates, but I have yet to get sidetone working.
Is there something I need to do to enable this very useful feature?

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I haven’t purchased the headphones yet, but I do know that even for my super fancy jabra headset, there has to be sidetone enabled on the hardware side. On my Windows PC it’s in the Sound settings, Speaker Properties, Levels. Is anybody able to verify whether this works for the Wyze headset?


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This is, for sure, not working. WYZE has acknowledged that to me via a support ticket. Apparently they have committed to sidetone and it is in test. But it is not available yet. To anyone :frowning:


Not sure with mobile phones, but I just activate it on my laptop via Audio Settings. Cant remember exactly where but I just tap that radio box to listen to this device or something. Results are left to be desired though since you hear all sounds picked up, which is understandable due to the lack of a directional mic…

Well, at least Nicole Nguyen knows what ‘side tone’ means:

Her review of amazon earbuds specifically calls out this useful, necessary feature.

Someday I hope to see a software update for my Wyze headphones that will make sidetone work. That would make these otherwise wonderful headphones nearly perfect.


Still wondering where the sidetone is. Doing a conference call with these headphones is weird when I can’t hear my own voice.

Wonder if this is fixed yet. I know someone with Sonys and the sidetone is permanently on and non-adjustable. The booming pickup from everything in the room makes it impossible to use the headphones for any kind of voice call. The closest fix is disabling the mic by changing the profile, or else turning the headphones around to point the mics backward…