Show decibel (db) level on videos where sound is detected

We get lots of noise from a nearby shopping center at late and very early hours. It would be good to show dB level on videos where sound is detected in order to show the city our evidence that something needs to be done about it. Many seniors live here and many are in bad health - this might get them some relief.

Something that would be really cool would be an Approximate Decibel Measurement on recording.

Obviously it would not be 100% accurate, but it would be nice

  1. when setting the “sound sensitivity” to offer “approximate decibel level” as an option, and
  2. really be nice to have the actual approximate dBs measurement super imposed in a little box at the top corner of the screen, similar to the Wyse logo and timestamp. You could have it so that it appear only when it reached a certain threshold (sustaining the maximum measurement for 5 seconds on the screen) so as not to occupy valuable screen space otherwise.

There are probably more than a few people trying to collect video of unreasonably noisy neighbors. It’s one thing to have the video, but approximate dB levels would be awesome, even if the ± was like 6 or 7 dB. I know that’s not an easy one, but thought I’d throw it out there anyway.

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We have a similar problem with street noise from extremely loud mufflers.